The Lonely Century by Noreena Hertz

The Lonely Century: Coming Together in a World that’s Pulling Apart is the new book by Noreena Hertz.

It’s been described as “an important, game-changing book, about the most pressing issue of today”.

Noreena Hertz The Lonely Century

Even before a global pandemic introduced us to terms like social distancing, loneliness was already becoming the defining condition of the twenty-first century.

How can we come together in a world that’s pulling apart?

Carl, the LA-based executive, is so lonely he pays to be cuddled. Eric, the Parisian baker, is finding community in the political far-right. Peter, the schoolboy from London, is distraught because no one ‘likes’ his social media posts.

All around us, the fabric of community is unravelling, and our relationships are under threat.

Technology is not the only culprit; the dismantling of civic institutions, the reorganisation of the workplace, mass migration to cities, and decades of neoliberal policies that placed self-interest above the collective good are equally accountable.

‘Passionately argued and deeply researched, this book is for everyone who wants to build a healthier and more connected world.’
Arianna Huffington

As a result of loneliness, our health is at threat. Not just mental health, loneliness also increases the risk of cancer, dementia and heart disease.

Furthermore, it’s an economic crisis, costing us billions, and a political crisis, with feelings of marginalisation fuelling divisiveness and extremism around the world.

But it’s also one we have the power to reverse.

Combining a decade of research with first-hand reporting, Noreena Hertz takes us from a ‘how to communicate in real life’ class at an Ivy League university to encounters in German beer gardens between people with radically different political views, from ‘renting a friend’ in Manhattan to nursing home residents knitting bonnets for their robot caregivers in Japan.

Offering solutions from compassionate AI to innovative models for urban living, to new ways of reinvigorating our neighbourhoods and reconciling our differences, “The Lonely Century” offers a hopeful and empowering vision for how to heal our fractured communities and restore a connection in our lives.

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About Noreena Hertz

Noreena is an economist, bestselling author, academic and international keynote speaker.

She has presented speeches at many prestigious events, including TED, The World Economic Forum and Google Zeitgeist.

Aside from being a best-selling author with books such as Eyes Wide Open and The Silent Takeover, Professor Hertz has also hosted four television documentaries; presented her show – MegaHertz: London Calling on Sirius XM and served as the Economics Editor at ITV.

Noreena has been described as ‘one of the world’s most inspiring women’ by Vogue.

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