Is it time you Upped Your Elvis?

When U2 lead singer Bono was on his quest to eradicate third world debt, he used to turn up to big organisations and ask the question “so who’s Elvis around here?

He was looking for the ones who challenge the status quo, who use creativity to solve problems and inspire those around them and who bring an energy and sense of possibility to everything they do.

Bono’s question was the inspiration for ‘Upping Your Elvis‘.

Chris Barez-Brown believes that everyone has ‘Elvis’ inside of them. He uses creativity to shine a light on individuals to help them realize their full potential and ‘Up Their Elvis‘.

He believes that everyone can make an incredible difference in their lives if they know how.

Chris’ life mission is to re-awaken our minds, take people off auto-pilot and engage them in their everyday working lives.

A Motivational Speaker who is in high demand around the globe, he has spoken on every continent and to all types of audiences from intimate conferences to large scale events.

The author of three books and therefore rich in content, Chris loves to shake things up with lots of interaction, energy and hard hitting messages that can easily be incorporated into business and life.

Watch Chris in action:


Human, simple, entertaining yet provocative; guaranteed to leave audiences inspired and buzzing with creative energy.

Upping Your Elvis will help;

  • Access the power of your creativity everyday.
  • Create a culture of creativity and innovation at work.
  • Inspire those around you to think differently and positively.
  • Encourage confidence in the workplace, leading to an engaged team.
  • Remind you of your own brilliance.

Contact us to book Chris Barez-Brown to speak at your next event and help you Up YOUR Elvis!