The Polar Bear Pirate & The Polar Leader

Two of our favourite
motivational speakers both have a ‘polar’ connection… well, sort of….

  • Both originate from up North.
  • Both have lived in GPA’s home city – Bristol (one of them still does).
  • Both specialise in talking about motivation, teamwork, leadership and change.
  • Both travel the globe delivering inspirational speeches to the world’s biggest organisations.

However, even with the similarities mentioned above, each have honed their skills in very different, but very demanding environments.

Meet Adrian Webster…

Milkman, police officer and salesman were just a few of the entries on Adrian’s CV before he moved into the ‘dog eat dog’ I.T industry and discovered an ability to motivate and inspire others around him.

Adrian has since written a number of best-selling business books including:

  • The Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Reach Fat City
  • The Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Engage the Sleepwalkers
  • Sort Your Brain Out (co-written with Dr. Jack Lewis)

Watch Adrian speaking

Meet Alan Chambers MBE…

A former Royal Marine Commando, Alan operated in jungle, desert and urban environments, before pursuing a passion for the Arctic, leading teams on expeditions to the North and South Poles.

Alan has led a number of record-breaking and charity expeditions including:

  • Leading the first British unsupported team walk from Canada to the Geographical North Pole.
  • Leading RWC winners Lewis Moody, Josh Lewsey & Danny Grewcock to the North Pole on the Head North expedition.
  • Leading and founding the ‘Extreme Classrooms’ initiative.

Watch Alan speaking

Adrian Webster wants to inspire you to be a Polar Bear Pirate!

He will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and provide you with key messages and take-a-way tools to help you get on the path to Fat City – you know, Fat City – where the winners live!

Alan Chambers wants you to know that The Only Limits are Those of Vision!

Alan believes that whether you are leading a business team or an expedition team, a winning belief, winning behaviours and great leadership will prevail!

To book Adrian Webster or Alan Chambers to deliver a motivational speech or a workshop, please contact us for fees and availability.