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  • Adrian was fantastic at our event last week – I cannot recommend him enough. He was so entertaining, and the content of his presentation connected with a lot of people in the audience as I have received many positive comments from the team. Thanks for all your assistance with the booking.
    HSBC Bank
  • It was truly fantastic....engaging, thought provoking, energising, incredibly insightful, fun - a true rollercoaster of emotions and so much to take away from it! The team were utterly mesmerised throughout the session, and the feedback has been incredible for you.
    John Lewis Plc
  • The guys are still talking about you… Thought provoking stuff which we were all able to relate too
    Thomson Airways - TUI
  • Adrian was highly recommended to us as a brilliant speaker. We were very unsure of using him because we’d never heard of him. We went ahead and used him…he was an absolute star
    Taylor Woodrow Plc
  • Adrian was absolutely fantastic last Friday at our Seminar. It's not easy to win the hearts and minds of a room full of people in the building industry. Many come having already decided they would rather be somewhere else, or that this sort of thing is for office staff only, etc., but Adrian won them over hook, line and sinker! He talks in a language that everybody can relate to. Adrian is highly entertaining but much more, he has the ability to make you think.
    St James Group
  • Adrian Webster was phenomenal, he made a real impact with the talk he did for us. The feedback our organisation gave, from fork lift truck driver to high level leadership, was great. He was energetic, funny and made every person in the room take a step back and think. A great message delivered from a great speaker
    Proctor & Gamble
  • Energy, emotion and some very powerful messages that resonated with the audience, and importantly, could be taken back to the workplace.
    Paul McComb - Director of Operations, Benefits and Fraud Directorate, Jobcentre Plus
  • The brief for a “motivational speaker” was more than fulfilled as Adrian’s energy, humour and superb insight into the real world of sales had everybody mesmerised and entertained from the moment he walked onto the stage. Life hasn't been quite the same since as we all now aspire to permanently residing in Fat City and living as Polar Bear Pirates!
    Lever Faberge
  • Adrian’s speech really lifted the day: it created impact, raised energy levels materially, while giving our team much of value to reflect on. Everyone left at the end of the day in an upbeat and positive “can do” frame of mind.
  • Thanks again for your exceptional performance at the Leadership event. It really did make the day a resounding success. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to organise an uplifting and inspirational event. There is no doubt that the day would have been considerably less successful were it not for the highly skilled inputs delivered by Adrian Webster. His experience in captivating an audience, holding their attention and driving home key points was invaluable. The high energy he generated was key to removing the veil of cynicism and apathy that can so often affect large organisations, particularly the Police. It enhanced contributions from the floor and seemed to open the minds of all supervisors to a range of issues and new leadership skills
    Kent Police Leadership Conference
  • Adrian delivers powerful messages in an engaging, creative and hugely impactful way: always great value for money with amazing long term results well after his appearances: consequently he is invited back time after time
  • Thank you for energizing my team the way you did this morning. The mix of serious food for thought and humour delivered at dazzling speed made a big impact on all. The feedback was very positive indeed. Your speech will be remembered as the highlight of our conference. You can quote me on that...
    DHL Freight UK
  • Adrian really is one of the best keynote speakers I have ever heard. He manages to captivate every type of audience right from the moment he starts and always leaves them wanting more. Adrian has a unique ability to have his audience rolling around in laughter one minute to suddenly getting them to hang on to his every word where a pin drop could be heard. The messages Adrian shares will stay with you for life as they are fundamental, full of common sense and yet really make the difference when it comes to bringing out the best in others

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