Record Breaking Polar Explorer

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  • “I am a tremendous fan of Alan and feel strongly that his incredible story should be shared with the world. He is an adventurer of this century who leads by example in a thoughtful and skilful way. He has complete self-confidence of the type that builds teams by recognizing that it takes the whole team and not one man to succeed. I am in awe of Alan's accomplishments and, and hope that you will keep me in mind anytime you need someone to support and promote Alan Chambers”
    Rose Sculley - Director of Development - Women's World Banking
  • “Alan Chambers gave us an hours presentation on how he got through an unsupported walk to the North Pole – an amazing journey of endurance, skill & strength. There were parallels to be shared and he told us there would be blips and setbacks along our route. After the first test I remembered what he had said
    “Alan's amazing story and the remarkable focus he had around the North Pole Trip truly inspired the
  • “Alan's amazing story and the remarkable focus he had around the North Pole Trip truly inspired the team in their preparation for the World Cup”
    Martin Johnson - Former England Rugby Captain
  • “Alan's leadership skills borne out through his determination mixed with his consideration of the needs of others gave us all much to think about. His effort in achieving a task that many people could not even begin to consider is truly inspiring"
    Martin Hegarty - Training Manager - BP
  • “Alan attended our Brewing Company Conference in 2004 as our keynote speaker. His presentation was fascinating, you could hear a pin drop in the audience! The feedback we received afterwards was that Alan had really touched people and that he had really made them think. Alan is so passionate about his achievements, he really is a memorable speaker.’”
    Louise Sinclair - HR Manager - Greene King Brewing Company
  • "Alan Chambers offers a fascinating description of the many challenges faced by his team on their various explorations. Alan skilfully presents his experiences in a way which enables his audience to relate them to their particular industry and to the skills required for successfully bringing in any project. A truly inspirational talk highly recommended for those seeking to motivate their own teams."
    Clare Bristow - Lawyer Arup
  • “Inspirational – He’s a genuine hero”
    Charles Dunstone - Carphone Warehouse
  • Just to confirm and thank-you you for Alan Chambers he was truly brilliant and enabled my vision to be linked into the presentation - we were all spellbound and it was a perfect culmination to the conference.
    Andrew R G Wilson - Managing Director Social Care – Nestor PLC

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