Is leaving the EU an excuse for companies to underperform?

Expert leader and international  keynote speaker, Kevin Gaskell, argues that it is actually an invitation to succeed.

But how many companies have what it takes?

How do companies turn turbulence and uncertainty to their advantage? Kevin Gaskell believes the critical difference is leadership.

Kevin Gaskell
does not accept that Britain leaving the EU should be the next ‘it’ to be blamed for poor performance within businesses.

Challenging and unforgiving markets are a constant reality. He believes that extraordinary opportunities are available to those companies which can aggressively meet the needs of the changed market.

Kevin’s speeches and masterclasses are built on his personal experience of what it takes to be a serial winner.

He shares his experience of how corporations can achieve absolute focus, how leaders can drive rapid creativity and how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. He illustrates his passion for success with real examples from his own companies to demonstrate the tools and processes which align teams, inspire commitment and achieve astonishing results. These tools are available for the audience to take away and immediately implement in their own business.

Kevin is available to speak to audiences who want to change the terms of the debate – from resistance to performance, from apprehension to excitement.

As a hands-on chief executive and entrepreneur, Kevin is widely recognised as one of the foremost leaders of his generation. He is a world class expert at transforming the performance of companies and teams. He has proven again and again that opportunities can be unlocked, incredible teams forged and extraordinary results achieved when market disruption is at its most challenging.

Appointed Managing Director of Porsche GB at the age of 32, Kevin inherited a business close to bankruptcy, in the depths of a recession, which was selling a brand seen as the unacceptable symbol of capitalist excess. He refocused the company and turned Porsche into the UK’s most profitable car company. Honoured as ‘one of the top 40 managers in the UK’ Kevin went on to lead BMW to 4 years of record performance.

Since 2000 Kevin has founded or led 8 businesses where his teams have created over £2 billion of shareholder value in sectors from technology to manufacturing, professional services to garden design.

Under his leadership, good companies have been transformed into great companies; failing companies into world class organisations. His businesses have won awards including ‘The Sunday Times FastTrack’ award for best performance of the year and have been recognised as amongst the world’s most innovative companies.

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