Get Your Energy Right, When Working Remotely


Your people are going through a truly challenging time right now, so it’s more important than ever to invest in how they manage their energy and improve their wellbeing.


The way we’re working is changing at warp-speed, so OUR ENERGY IS UNDER ATTACK LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

WITHOUT ENERGY, OUR PASSIONS & ABILITIES ARE LOST, yet when we get our energy right everything becomes easier, more fun and we become more successful.


The UPPING YOUR ELVIS interactive webinar helps people to become more aware of their energy, how it affects their ability, and how BY GETTING THEIR ENERGY RIGHT, THEY CAN ACHIEVE MORE with their unique talents.

They combine this with a 5-day program to lock-in a series of simple behaviours that help people to deploy their energy so they can CREATE MORE IMPACT, EMBRACE CHANGE AND FLOURISH.


In this interactive webinar Chris Baréz-Brown shares simple techniques that people can use to process and connect with others in a more human way whilst we’re all working remotely.

They get people into a better place for everything they need to do so they come out raring to go in these unusual times:

  • Understand how getting your energy right, means you’re ready to embrace change and make it a fun and fruitful ride that delivers impact and a new energy for you and your business.
  • Learn new, energetic and creative behavioral approaches which can be applied to any issue you might face.

The webinar is followed with a 5-day digital program where delegates are invited to experiment with one new behaviour each day, by getting them to deploy their energy against the things that will have most impact for them:

  • Learn how to set-up every interaction so that you get the most out of it every time, wherever you are.
  • Discover how to constantly grow, learn and share appreciation with colleagues.
  • A huge boost to your focus, mental health and general wellbeing.


This webinar and 5-day digital program are proven to deliver powerful shifts in behaviour that help people to get their energy right and be more impactful:

  • People proactively seeking feedback ‘at least twice a week’ grew from 43% to 81% following the program.
  • 98% scored themselves an 8 or above on ‘focus’ following the program*.
  • 87% scored themselves a 7 or above on feeling in control of their time*.
    * Out of 10

Who Are Upping Your Elvis?

Upping Your Elvis is a business consultancy founded by Chris Baréz-Brown. Along with Jim Lusty, they help embed a human, energetic and creative working culture to create healthy, happy businesses full of people who shine.

Upping Your Elvis is all about energy. Chris and Jim help businesses come alive by delivering awareness, creativity and collaboration to all that they do. They aim to ensure that every day at work is more human, more fun and more impactful.

If you would like ‘Upping Your Elvis’ to deliver a webinar for your team, please contact