Who is Adrian Webster?

Adrian Webster is one of the UK’s best motivational speakers.

He’s the guy who talks about TNTs, Neg Ferrets, Sleepwalkers and Fat City… what??

An international best-selling author, Adrian’s book series ‘The Polar Bear Pirates’ has provided readers with a fresh and innovative route to business and personal success.

A professional speaker for over 20 years, Adrian has been delivering keynote speeches and workshops to some of the world’s largest companies and public sector organisations around the globe.

Adrian delivers entertaining motivational speeches touching on many business and motivational topics.

Whether you need a speech on delivering exceptional customer service, building high performing teams, behavioural change or leadership, Adrian has hours of inspirational content on these topics and others, developed from years of research and personal experience.

Many people ask the question ‘who is the best motivational speaker?’ For event organisers, being ‘the best’ can be a combination of many things, such as being flexible with time, building a speech to suit a brief, arriving early, speaking to delegates post-speech, ROI and most importantly – leaving the delegates buzzing and inspired following a relevant speech.

Adrian Webster fulfils all of the above.

Adrian Webster Motivational Speaking

Always adding new content and speaking topics, 2018 has seen the launch of SONAR Leadership – a new presentation focusing on the emotional intelligence side of things, such as making time and space to listen and engage, showing you really care, being human and being authentic.

Adrian hasn’t climbed Everest, swum the Channel, trekked across the Arctic, or won a medal… for anything… however, what he has done is worked in a variety of regular workplace environments, communicating, engaging and leading everyday people to be exceptional in whatever they do, oh, and he has sold hundreds of thousands of books!

If you are searching for motivational speakers UK, you need to watch Adrian’s video.

For further information on Adrian, please view his profile and testimonials or visit Adrian’s official website.