The Panama Papers Scandal, The FBI & Jeffrey Robinson

The Panama Leaks story has been all over the media and one of our leading keynote speakers Jeffrey Robinson is not surprised.

While writing The Merger, his sequel to The Laundrymen, he had a run-in with Mossack and Fonseca, the Panamanian lawyers at the heart of the scandal, exposing them.

He also referred to them in his next book, The Sink, which is a full-frontal expose of the offshore world.

What’s more, he personally brought Mossack and Fonseca to the attention of the FBI and what was then NCIS, the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service. This was 1998, a full 18 years before they were finally outed.

Watch Jeffrey last week on CNN, discussing the scandal with Richard Quest:

No one knows this headline story and the hidden stories behind those headlines, better than Robinson.

And while as a keynote speaker Jeffrey is always happy to talk about fraud, money laundering, financial crime and the lessons legitimate businesses can learn from organized crime, this subject is too hot for Jeffrey to ignore.

Jeffrey Robinson is a best-selling author of 30 books. He has been labeled by the British Bankers’ Association “the world’s leading financial crime author

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