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  • absolutely is testament to Louise that the audience built and stayed with us as the discussion progressed.
    Great Start Debate, Clarence House
  • Great conference today with Louise Minchin. Exceptional facilitator and fantastic reception to her hosting of the event.
    Leading UK Food Manufacturer
  • Louise was absolutely fantastic as our host and I have had endless feedback at how brilliant she was. Holding a room of excitable people is tough but Louise's professionalism and bubbly personality was faultless!.
  • Louise's presence at our awards day made all the difference. Louise was fully engaged, clearly moved and generally all-round lovely.
    Sense Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Louise really added to the event...the questions Louise asked were just right – perceptive, informed and getting to the heart of the issues, just as we hoped you would!
    Education and Youth Unemployment Conference 2012
  • Louise hosted our Awards ceremony last year, and was the obvious choice to repeat this. She didn't let us down. She was everything you would expect from a top quality host and more - her professionalism is absolute, and she liaised and connected with the audience immediately. She also has a knack of getting the subject matter of our industry (which is hardly a sexy subject at the best of times!) and making it sound as though she knew our industry inside out. That is a genuine skill.
    Martin Hill- DealTrak
  • "Louise was a supreme professional, speaking with confidence and interest in a subject that must have been unfamiliar to her. It was testament to her impact on the room that you could hear a pin drop through the whole of her presentation. This is a most unusual occurrence as, normally, by 9.30pm these crowds can be quite boisterous."

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