How to Develop World-Class Mental Resilience

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  • “We really liked his story-telling skills, the clever use of media (short films, PowerPoint and interactive practice sessions) and the humoristic tone of his talk. The audience was enthused and ready to change their mindset! After the event we received really good feedback from the participants and, as evidence of his success, John ran out of books to sign!“
    Marie Gow, Department for International Trade, British Embassy Switzerland
  • “On the back of a client recommendation the bank invited John Dabrowski to speak at the 2016 Legal Conference series hosted in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. John delivered a powerful, energetic and insightful presentation on developing mental resilience.”
    Steve Arundale, Head of Commercial Professional Sectors, RBS / NatWest Bank, UK
  • “Listening to John reminded me about the importance of wellbeing. His examples and anecdotes from his life made me realise we are all on a very similar journey. The sooner we learn how to live better and healthier, the better for our work and personal lives. John’s examples were simple yet so powerful. John, thank you for a fantastic and eye-opening talk.”
    Marta Zaremba-Marsden, IT Project Manager, Rolls-Royce plc, UK
  • "He taught us techniques on mental resilience, staying positive and also how to relax. Feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive – he’s an engaging guy with a fantastic story. I would not hesitate to recommend John as an inspirational speaker.”
    Douglas Barrett, Director for Trade and Investment, British Embassy, Abu Dhabi
  • "Fantastic training, really powerful and brilliantly delivered which couldn’t have come at a better time. I really enjoyed this and I think it will be brilliant for both professional and personal issues"
    Probation Service Criminal Justice
  • “Great principles. Inspiring speaker. Loved his attitude. If people took hold of this concept their lives would change.”
    University of Nottingham
  • “Interesting and engaging day. Thought-provoking. Your tips about sleep problems was very helpful & something I shall discuss with my patients. I shall be considering the visualisation technique when doing my grade 6 piano! Many thanks.”
  • “It was great fun and thought provoking; the session is still with me today. It was excellent and motivational I enjoy these kinds of sessions. I found it useful as the things spoken about can be applied to everyday situations.”
    Nat West Bank
  • “John was hired as the keynote speaker at the East Yorkshire Business Expo 2012 - and what a great choice he turned out to be. “John is a genius, with an intuitive understanding of humour and human nature, backed up by many years of advanced training and experience in NLP and motivation gained through his sporting and business experience and achievements. He's a master of the platform, and a great motivator and leader. He's funny, friendly, inspirational and totally engaging.” I would not hesitate in recommending John’s work or John as an individual”
    Nic Gough, MD and Event Organiser, East Yorkshire Expo

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