Polar Adventurer

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  • “Ed has been a great ambassador for QinetiQ as the third team member in the race to the South Pole. From a hospital doctor to a polar racer in 9 months, he can motivate and inspire others to achieve their life objectives. He has a real charm and charisma which warms and engages anyone who is lucky enough to be in his company. He adapts his style and content on the specific audience he is talking to, combining serious fact and danger encounters with light hearted humour stories very well.”
    Steve Hollidge - Marketing Integration and Sponsorship Manager - QinetiQ Ltd
  • “Dr. Ed Coats has already amassed more adventures and experiences than most people three times his age. We were delighted to hear of his exploits of trekking to the South Pole and were amused by the stories of the training regimes employed prior to this challenge of a lifetime. Ed’s easy manner made for an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable after dinner speech – would not hesitate to use him again.”
    Phil Smith - Director, Goodacre UK
  • “Your lecture was one of, if not the, best attended lecture in the series and it was great for us that you could attract such a wide ranging audience. I have had nothing but good feedback from your talk. You managed to engage and enthuse our undergraduate physiology and sport and exercise sciences students and many of them were really excited after the presentation and have carried that enthusiasm into their studies. You helped to place what they are learning into the context of a current challenge to human performance.”
    Harry B Rossiter PhD FACSM - University of Leeds - Faculty of Biological Sciences

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