Inspirational Solo Atlantic Rower

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  • Debra Searle was Fantastic. We held a conference for 1400 business people with Mikhael Gorbachev, Rory Bremner, Nick Leeson, Murray Walker, John Simpson and Debra Veal as the speakers, and the delegates voted Debra Veal the best.
    Mike Firth, CE of The International Business Convention
  • Debra Searle was excellent. The time taken by Debra to understand our business really paid off. The best thing about her was her humility and also her willingness to stay and chat to the audience.
    Karen Allen, Head of Communications, Portman Building Society
  • In short I thought Debra was excellent and very inspirational but not in a cheesy way. I really felt that I could relate her experience to my working day.
    Ernst & Young
  • People really valued the fact that Debra is able to draw parallels between her adventure experiences and her working/daily life, having run her own companies - and that she does so in a way that is personal to her and offered simply as a thought to the group rather than drawing sweeping generalised conclusions and laying them down as law in the way some speakers do. She definitely hit the spot and took us with her all the way on her journey.
    Debra Westlake, UBS Global Employee Communications Director
  • We provided feedback forms to all participants and asked for a rating between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent). Debra scored a '5' from every single respondent. This is unheard of!
    Deborah Evans, Client Director, IBM UK

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