GB’s Most Decorated Female Paralympian

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  • "I thought it was so powerful how Sarah lifted us up with her achievements of getting the Gold medals, and then dropped us with the story of the university coach. I felt the room go "thud" with horror. Her message was so strong. She was so inspiring and the message wasn't just about equality, she also motivated people to "take charge" and follow their dreams - I felt this could be applied to all sorts of things such as having a goal at work and using personal ambition to achieve it - not sitting back and waiting for others do it for you."
    Torbay Council Conference on Equality and Diversity
  • "Inspirational, truly magnificent, confident, assertive and challenging. She made a lasting impact!"
    Rotary National Conference
  • "A wonderful inspirational speech - I was spellbound"
    Kate Hoey – Labour MP

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