Cybersecurity Expert and Friendly Hacker

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  • "Thanks for the great session today at our offices in Zurich - it was very inspiring, lively and interesting. Super Cool!"
    Swiss Bank
  • “Renowned cybersecurity researcher and analyst Keren Elazari posited the perfect metaphor for hackers in a now-viral TED talk: hackers are the internet's immune system, pushing the internet to become stronger and healthier.”
  • “Extremely relevant and thought provoking – the highlight of the event!”
  • “Your inspirational talk provided us with a much needed outside-in perspective and has definitely inspired many of our colleagues to follow your recommendations. The enthusiastic responses to your presentation by everyone watching across Allianz showed that your efforts were successful and it truly was a great experience for all of us around the globe.”
    Allianz SE
  • “We should all welcome friendly hackers...very inspiring session”

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