Motivational Business Speaker & Leadership Coach

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  • "As a speaker you were not only entertaining and motivating, but you also possess the ability to completely captivate your audience. Each of your strategies I can only hope to convey to my team with the same emotion and passion."
    Vice President, Disney Retail
  • "I wanted to say thank you for your presentations at our Peak Perfomers Roadshows. The feedback we have received from all our delegates has been extremely positive and many have said it is the best Roadshow we have ever done- due in large part to your presentations. This from some of our staff is serious praise!"
    Vice President, Clarins Paris
  • “In my opinion Jim Steele's presentation was an unqualified success. It re-emphasised and identified the strengths of peak performance.”
    Sir Geoff Hurst - Former England International Soccer Player
  • "Being in a very competitive market, staying at number one is key to Capital’s growth. The only way to do this is to empower the people and continually grow them as individuals. Jim Steele is a fantastic presenter who can enthral even the most cynical of executives. We have learned to dance and stay at a high!
    Head of Training, Capital Radio
  • "Thank you for the contribution you made to our sales conference last week. The event overall was an enormous success, but it was your session that the delegates remember most readily, and the philosophies you presented that they are still talking about. We are delighted with the positive impact you have had on our teams and look forward to them delivering extraordinary results!"
    Director, GlaxoSmithKline

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