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Adventurer & Survival Expert

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  • "It was extremely interesting and very poignant, so many things that the lay person is not aware of in achieving such amazing goals. Our guests found it fascinating and made reference to it time and time again during conversations yesterday."
    Morgan Stanley
  • "The entire team were enthralled throughout Bear’s talk, an exceptional tale which left us very motivated as a team . Highly recommended!”
    Lever Faberge Group
  • 'Bear provided the Coca-Cola Enterprises team with an inspirational presentation which had the whole audience on the edge of their chairs. In an audience of 350 people you could have heard a pin drop as they all listened spellbound to the story of his great adventure!. An incredible achievement delivered in a moving and emotional way. Extraordinary
    Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • "He was really effective on the night, spoke about the strength od a well functioning team and the ability to achieve what seems to be impossible dreams with motivation, clarity of objectives and support. He went down really well with our key leaders and managers (125) who were without exception mesmerised so I can recommend him for similar conferences."
    BAE Systems
  • Bear Gryll's talk stands out as the highlight of the conference - so sincere, so amazing, an inspiration to us all in all parts of our lives... an ordinary person with that big bit 'extra', as he would say!

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