How to book an After-Dinner Speaker in the UK

One of our most popular Speaker Agency services here at Gordon Poole Agency, is booking an after-dinner speaker for events, conferences, and product launches.

One of the most common questions we get from clients is how to book an after-dinner speaker. The process should, we believe, be simple and straightforward, and agents should be open and helpful.

Here’s the professional process delivered by our team when clients book an after-dinner speaker with us:

Speaker matching process:

This first step is critical in supplying the right after-dinner speaker. With 50 years’ experience in providing speaker bureau agency services, we’re experts in taking a Brief and supplying speaker suggestions to align with a client’s preferred topic, delivery style and budget.

We provide every client with an account manager, to assist a booker in securing the most suitable after-dinner speaker for each event.

During a telephone discussion or email, our account manager requests a brief overview of the event, and an indication of the theme and topic for the after-dinner speaker to cover if required.

If a fixed budget is in place for the event, our account manager submits a selection of after-dinner speakers who sit within the budgetary limit.

Profiles, testimonials, images and video clips are emailed to the booker to compliment our account manager’s initial suggestions.

Once the booker has highlighted a preferred after-dinner speaker for the event, our account manager then checks the after-dinner speaker’s diary and pencils in the date, and on confirmation from the booker issues a booking contract.

Engagement process:

Once an after-dinner speaker has been selected, a booking contract will be issued by email or post, including the event details such as location, date, time and any additional requirements such as attending the drinks reception or taking dinner with the guests.

Liaison Process:

Our after-dinner speakers are fully briefed prior to any event by a Gordon Poole Agency agent, and in most cases via a telephone briefing directly with the booker.

An after-dinner speaker questionnaire to provide a basic outline of each event is also issued with every booking contract, which once completed, is passed onto the after-dinner speaker.

The Gordon Poole Agency operates between the business hours of 9-5.30 Monday to Friday, whilst an emergency out-of-hours mobile number is provided to the booker should there be any issues.

Once contracted, it’s very rare that an after-dinner speaker cancels from an event – however, should there be an unfortunate incident such as illness or an accident, our account manager will immediately provide alternative after-dinner speaker suggestions from our huge portfolio of after-dinner speaker contacts.

Other considerations when booking an after-dinner speaker:

Some of the other elements to consider when sourcing and booking an after-dinner speaker include –

Speaker Type

All of of our after-dinner speakers provide entertaining anecdotal presentations, however, not all after-dinner speakers are comedians.

Flexible Budgets

We have specific Fee Groups for all of our after-dinner speakers. Most events are governed by budgets, not event types. We have after-dinner speakers at both ends of the budget spectrum. Budget is not always an indicator of how good an after-dinner speaker is, and budget isn’t necessarily a barrier to getting a great after-dinner speaker for your event.

Audience Demographic

This is really important when choosing an after-dinner speaker. A room full of lawyers wouldn’t, for example, want an end-of-pier style comedian for their after-dinner event. The after-dinner speaker needs to be on a similar wavelength to the audience.

Ease of Booking

We believe that booking an after-dinner speaker should be an easy and enjoyable process. Our account managers provide a fast and efficient service. If required, we can secure contracts and bookings within hours, making life easier for the bookers we work with.

If you have any queries or questions about our range of speaker booking services, including booking an after-dinner speaker, please get in touch here.