2012 Medal Winning Paralympians

Motivational Speakers Sarah Storey, Richard Whitehead and Karen Darke win medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Sarah Storey won Team GB’s first Gold Medal in amazing style in the women’s individual C5 pursuit race.

She went on to win three more gold medals, one in the Time Trial C4-5 500m, one in the Individual Road Time Trial C5 and finally one in the Individual Road Race C4-5.

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Richard Whitehead stormed to Gold glory in the T42 200m. Having slipped at the start – he was the only runner to begin the race from a standing position, the others were crouching in the blocks – Whitehead went on to beat his own world record.

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Karen Darke made her Paralympic debut at the London 2012 Games winning a Silver in the time trial, completing the 16-kilometer course in 33:16.09.

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