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Adventurer, Explorer and Presenter

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  • ‘We wanted our conference to end with a bang – and with Monty we got something on an atomic scale. Hire him whilst you can still afford him, and remind everyone to fasten seatbelts and extinguish cigarettes before the talk begins!’
    Tropicana Drinks
  • ‘I have been attending these conferences for a decade, and that is the best presentation I’ve ever seen.’
  • ‘Inspiring, funny, highly informative and a real glimpse of the effect of stress on the human animal. The highlight of our conference.’
    Focus Solutions Group
  • ‘Anyone interested in highlighting the importance of good leadership and teamwork should listen carefully to what Monty Halls has to say.’
    Dixon Giles & Co Leadership Development

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Polar Adventurer and Endurance Swimmer

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World Renowned TV Cook and Author

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