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Former Head of BA Customer Services

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  • Larry′s thoughts on customers, culture and talent are immensely valuable for any business, anywhere in the world.
    Sheldon S. Wiseman, President & CEO, Amberwood Entertainment Corp
  • For Larry the relationship between customers and profitability is intuitive and effortless
    Amanda Mackenzie, Chief Marketing Officer, Aviva
  • Your startling appraisal of the way business is likely to change in the next few years was sobering and thought provoking. This is exactly what is needed to help our business managers 'think outside the box' about ways in which their own markets may change and how they can adapt themselves to exploit the opportunities that presents. At the same time your messages in so many different ways fit well with the overall 'Think Customer' theme for this year's Forum
    Alan J. Wood - Chief Executive, Siemens UK

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