BBC Radio 4’s The World at One Presenter

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  • "Using Sarah Montague to Chair the conference was an inspired move. Not only did she help make the conference run smoothly and on time, but I think she gave a lot of the speakers confidence. The questions to the Board were handled firmly but fairly and she gave a lot of credibility to the event as a whole. We would certainly ask her to help us again"
  • “Sarah’s contribution was invaluable and helped make it a very enjoyable evening.”
    Mandy Pursey, Head of PR, Bradford & Bingley
  • “We would like to thank Sarah Montague very much for being our moderator. The day was a huge success and we have received some very encouraging feedback from our attendees. Sarah did a fantastic job and sounded like she has worked for Nominet for many years; she is very knowledgeable about our Industry.”
    Laura Foster, Communications Executive, Nominet