Former England Rugby Winger

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  • "The feedback has been and remains consistently remarkable. I have been stopped on several occasions by (previously unknown) persons who have responded very warmly - twice today at Woodbridge for example. Also, several people have written in and want to be a part of our journey"
  • "I would like to congratulate you for your contribution at our Executive Off Site recently. Your experience gained through your service with the Royal Air Force, combined with your numerous achievements on the rugby field, provided a most insightful vision on what makes successful teams. In addition, your contribution to the discussion when clarifying roles and responsibilities and your thoughts on leadership were most useful. I would not hesitate in recommending your personal and your company's services."
  • "Rory Underwood combined his glittering rugby career with that of a serving RAF Officer, and his presentation included a unique insight into the skills required to manage twin careers, and how to use experience gained in one sphere to benefit the other. Using video clips of rugby action, interspersed with amazing on-board film taken from low-flying aircraft, Rory demonstrated, in terms leaving no room for doubt, the absolute imperative for discipline, concentration and, above all, effective teamwork in any given situation. In the most riveting and entertaining way possible, Rory Underwood was making a whole series of business points. Firstly, the need for each individual to manage their own career, and to achieve a proper balance. Above all, he returned constantly to the priority of teamwork, the need for each member to understand their role and to be able to trust colleagues. This applies equally in international sport, in high pressure military situations and no less in running a successful business"
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