Training Leaders to use Flawless Execution

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  • “Last week at our annual kick-off sales meeting, Jim Murphy was one of our keynote speakers. He was fantastic...I questioned the relevance of a fighter pilot to business. Believe me, he brings it all together in terms we could relate to and with a program that keeps you on the edge of your seat with periodic goose bumps on your arms. He spoke for 1-1/2 hours; I wish it would have been 3!”
    Vice President International, Honeywell
  • “During the Afterburner Planning Workshop, your leadership will accelerate our success as we head into the new fiscal year...Afterburner is an outstanding program to help focus a diverse team around a common objective and drive towards a plan of attack that everyone agrees with. It helped focus on a specific goal, which is the hardest part in the planning process”
    Operations Director, Cisco Systems
  • “Two years ago we began working with Afterburner as a sales and marketing and education team in the Gastro-Uro business. The business impact that Afterburner has had has improved leadership competency, communication, results, and increase in empowering others..."
    Medtronic Inc
  • “You did a terrific job helping the team here translate what they learned in the Afterburner team building seminars into how they can apply it to what they do each and every day, and I'm happy to report we've already begun to see a return on our investment. People throughout the organization are not only talking about the need to debrief more often, they're actually doing it."
    Human Resources Manager, GE Healthcare Financial Services
  • “When Kouty and I were planning the Flawless Execution encore performance we wanted a "no holds barred, high energy, full metal jacket" approach and you GAVE IT TO US!! Seriously, thank you for making a significant impact on our team and changing the way we plan, execute, and debrief. We are well on our way to building a culture where both our people and our customers will benefit”
    Director, National Sales, Eli Lilly and Co

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