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Award-Winning Computer Scientist


  • “Great canapés, great guest speaker. Loved her hair! Hope I get to attend many more.”
  • “I wasn’t sure I was able to make it, and even though I was late, I was pleased I didn’t miss out on hearing Dr Black. You could see why she has been so successful. She has a real vision and a lot of courage.”
  • “Dr Black was full of real passion. I had seen her at a previous event where she was a panellist and she obviously strived hard to get where she has got, and it shoes. Thanks again. Really inspiring.”
  • “Very professional and engaging. Great mix of seminar and networking. Thanks!”
  • “Great idea to get someone in with a real life experience. I felt I could totally connect with Dr Black. Very well organised with lots of time for questions.”
  • “Sue was an outstanding speaker, really interesting. For once I was totally glued and my mind didn’t wander from her delivery. Hope you have more of these types of events.”

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