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Eddie Large

Little & Large Comedian

Eddie Large - Comedian and After-Dinner Speaker

The Little & Large Show was a top-billing television show of the 1980s - it featured Eddie Large and Syd Little.


A comic legend, Eddie Large, was born Edward McGinnis in 1941 in Glasgow, but his family moved to live in a red brick terraced house opposite the Maine Road Stadium of Manchester City Football Club when he was just 10 years old. He came to regard Manchester as his "home town".


Eddie Large attended Claremont nearby. His double act, as Little & Large, with his comedy partner Syd Little was always Manchester-based, and became a household name during their heyday in the late 1980s when their comedy shows were the most highly rated on BBC Television. Road Primary School


The Little & Large duo began in 1963 when they met at Stonemason's Arms pub in Wythenshawe. Little had a one-man show at that time, singing to the electric guitar. During his performance Eddie began heckling in a comic manner, saying he could do better himself. Syd called his bluff and invited him to join him on stage, where the two went on to receive rapturous applause from the audience for their un-scripted impromptu performance. The formula was retained and Little & Large was born.


They began to appear in many local Manchester clubs, including three shows at Bernard Manning's Embassy Club in Harpurhey, where they shared billing with another as yet unknown comedy act, Cannon & Ball.


Television fame came when they appeared on and won in the television show Opportunity Knocks in 1971, which was quickly followed by many spot appearances on other television shows. 


In 1977, Thames Television offered them their own series. That same year they attracted full-house audiences appearing live at Blackpool, with a record-breaking season. In November of that same year they were invited to appear live in The Royal Variety Show.


Their professional television career ran from 1977 to 1991. Since then they have pursed their careers in live shows, club and corporate appearances.


Eddie became a team captain on the BBC1 series GAG TAG hosted by Bob Monkhouse on which Syd also appeared as a guest. 


Eddie Large has appeared in numerous pantomimes and television appearances have included

  • Win, Lose or Draw
  • Shooting Stars
  • Surprise, Surprise
  • Noel's House Party
  • Fantasy Football
  • Frank Stubbs Promotes
  • The Generation Game

Eddie Large has also appeared on Jon Culshaw's The Impressionable Jon Culshaw, as a guest on Today with Des and Mel and the celebrity edition of The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson.

Eddie Large also took part in Who Killed Saturday Night (CH4) which included clips from their many TV performances and interviews with both Syd & Eddie and other guests included Noel Edmonds, Canon & Ball, Jeremy Beadle and many others.

Eddie Large currently lives in Bristol, but as an avid fan of Manchester City he regularly drives up to watch them play football at Maine Road.

Eddie is a great after-dinner speaker suitable for all types of events.

Eddie Large
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