Polar Explorer and Environmentalist

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  • "I have worked with Robert both in Digital and at AT&T, motivating thousands of sales people as well as many customers. I must have heard his stories more than 10 times, but he still grabs me. He’s the best.... He’s world class."
    Per-Olaf Loof, Senior Vice President, AT&T
  • "Who can get 100 Swiss bankers on their feet and given an impressive demonstration of vision, objectives, courage, planning, strategy, commitment, perseverance, persistence, loyalty, trust, toler­ance, teamwork, friendship, satisfaction & success? The first person to walk to both the South and North Poles - Robert Swan"
    Martin Murbach, CEO Finter Bank, Zurich
  • "Roberts talk has been given to more than 20 of my client companies and banks, in the US, Spain, France Switzerland, Germany and the UK. With all of these executive groups, his presence, style, integrity, accomplishments and reflections provided an enormously inspirational, uplifting, stimulating, moving and memorable occasion –that in turn fostered teamwork, vision, planning courage preparation, leadership and perseverance among the executives"
    Dr. David B Zenoff, David Zenoff & Associates Inc., San Francisco
  • "Robert Swan doesn’t just talk; he is involved on a hands-on-level and his positive, inspiring example provides a workable model our employees can actually use in their daily roles and responsibilities."
    Doug Daft, Chairman, CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

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