Grouchy Deadpan Comic Genius

For more info on Rich Hall aka Otis Lee Crenshaw, email us or speak with an agent on 01275 463222


  • "I doubt if anyone forgets the first time they witness the comic genius that is Rich Hall. The shambling American, who has a voice like a machine gun in slo-mo, creeps up on you and ambushes your funny bone like no one else. But unlike many comics who blow you away with their brilliance on that crucial first discovery, Hall is unique - every bit as wonderful on the second, third and even fourth visit... brilliant enough to knock your socks off and keep you laughing all week."
    The Scotsman
  • "Most comedy fans already know Rich Hall as the guy who made David Letterman funny. He's since chucked the script writing though, to concentrate on stand up comedy plus TV work. We should all be grateful for this small mercy."
    The Evening News
  • "He is a supremely talented comedian, quick-witted, topical and charismatic on stage."
    The Times
  • "Anecdotal, observational, inspirational, confrontational, apoplectic, aggressive, vitriolic comedy."
    Melody Maker
  • "Belly laughs and aching sides... whimsical and splenetic. The man is an extempore powerhouse"
    The Times

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