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  • “Nigel Barlow’s energy and enthusiasm are quite simply astonishing. He manages to capture the attention of an audience and sustain their interest for long periods whilst at the same time getting to the heart of the business issue. Not only is Nigel a gifted speaker, he works bloody hard at what he does too! I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
    Stuart McCullough, Director, Lexus GB
  • "We have worked with Nigel Barlow and his technique for many years and re-thinking has proven to be a source of "new thinking" not just once but continuously. It has been inspirational as well as practical which has enabled us to continue to go from strength to strength and stay a leader in our field."
    Karin Forseke, Chief Executive Officer, Carnegie Investment Bank AB
  • "Thank you for a truly wonderful presentation. Nigel Barlow managed to turn the traditional after lunch graveyard spot into the highlight of the conference. Delegates were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm after the presentation, and this was reflected in the record 91% 'Excellent' rating given to Nigel by these attendees."
    Ian Parsons, Managing Editor, Customer Services Management
  • “Our senior Occupational Health team have been working with these ideas, and the result has been the development for the first time of a clear definition of what world-class excellence means in our profession, and how this can be translated from grandiose words into measurable actions and benefits. We could not have achieved this without the extra creativity from Nigel as a catalyst.”
    Dr John Cooper, Head of Corporate Occupational Health, Unilever

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