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  • “Thank you very much for your extremely entertaining talk. You pitched it at exactly the right level”
    Tony Aston - Chairman, Defence Industry Security Association
  • “We would like to express our deep gratitude for your important contribution to the IT Security Summit 2004. Your keynote presentation was rated highly by the audience, with a score far above average”
    Ralf Teschner - Director Brand Strategy - Gartner
  • “Thank you very much for everything you did for us at our Information Security conference. I knew you were an expert at such events. Your sheer professionalism and good humour helped to make the conference truly memorable”
    Bob Fletcher - Group Information Security Director, Barclays Bank
  • “Having attended the PCII Conference at the QEII Centre, I wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on the best presentation of the event”
    Bill Wyllie - Chief Security Advisor - Bank of England