K1 Syringe Inventor

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  • “When you meet Marc you can't help but be sucked in by his passion and enthusiasm for his goal of ONE INJECTION ONE SYRINGE. He is both confident and persuasive in a direct yet friendly way and before you know it you are part of his team, a team that you feel, with his leadership will achieve his goal if not today then tomorrow.”
    TR Fastenings
  • “Marc is an inspirational and effective speaker. He is able to transmit his passion and knowledge on a number of topics like entrepreneurial ventures, medical technologies and their development. What is remarkable about him is the capability to translate complex matters in simple, clear and powerful messages, supported by a number of anecdotes and stories related to his own experience.”
    Science and Technology Research
  • “Marc speaks with passion and clarity on a subject that is complex yet alarming. His 20 year mission is conveyed through his fascinating collection of anecdotes. He is an outstanding entrepreneur and a true inspiration.”
    Medical Futures Ltd
  • “A fascinating evening & truly inspiring - full of admiration for what you are doing and have achieved - total admiration for your continued vision on tackling what is clearly a huge worldwide problem.”
    Entrepreneurs' Forum (N E England)

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