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Conflict Management & Relationships Expert

For further info or to book Lynn Leahy, email us or speak with a booking agent on 01275 463222


  • In all my years of gainful employment, I do not think I have ever seen a training course produce the results of this one, it is quite remarkable. Several of those who went on the course, although able and very experienced were very set in their ways. If it I had not seen the change in their behaviour with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.
    Philip Waring - EP2 Factory Manager, Van Leer
  • “Lynn Leahy has my complete confidence and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. A number of people, myself included, went into the sessions with her uncertain of our involvement and not wholly convinced that our time would be well spent. A day with Lynn dispelled all these doubts. Lynn is able to create an atmosphere in which her audience has complete confidence in her.”
    Paul Hughes - Chief Executive, Cheshire Building Society
  • I have listened to may speakers covering many subjects during my career to date; I would say that Lynn Leahy’s work has provided more personal benefit to me than any other seminar that I’ve heard.
    Gary Sawyer - General Manager – Fairs Software plc
  • You were a great success. Everybody was extremely positive after you'd left and I heard several encouraging remarks re 'that session made more of a difference than anything else we've done'! They also really appreciated the fact that you shared so much of yourself with them and commented that this helped them to trust you. We had some very challenging issues to discuss yesterday and it felt very tough at points. The team did comment at the end, however, that they didn't think they could have got through it intact without your session. Lynn - I can't thank you enough!
    Anna White - Global Learning and Development Manager, AstraZeneca

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