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  • “When I was first introduced to Justin, at a Cornwall College conference in Newquay, I was surprised at his unassuming, quiet manner. Justin began his talk by explaining about his background and the experiences which led to him undertaking the ‘Last Great Challenge’. After such a traumatic accident one would have expected him to be either lacking in confidence or hugely egotistical. Neither of which apply to Justin. His calm & relaxed way of speaking was compelling from the listener’s point of view & I was left feeling completely inspired and humbled at the same time. After all, if someone can recover from such an awful brain injury to achieve such amazing feats then why could I not do the things I wanted to do no matter how small in comparison. Justin has a way of speaking that makes you want to achieve more with your life. I appreciate the determination and willpower that Justin must have needed to achieve his goals & that is something we can all learn from.”
    Nicola Morris – Conference Attendee
  • “Community upon Thames recently played host to a Justin Miles motivational talk and networking event over breakfast. As we were aware of Justin’s harrowing accident we didn’t know exactly what to expect when first meeting him. However Justin’s chirpy demeanour and friendly custom left no suggestion of any physical trauma. Instead we were afforded the privilege of meeting a charming, collected, and indeed extremely motivational individual. Justin’s story truly is awe-inspiring. Hearing him talk of his remarkable recovery and his never-say-die attitude make his countless Herculean achievements all the more impressive. Not only was everybody in attendance hanging on his every word and interested in how they could support the great work that Justin has been doing, but they too were inspired to push themselves and see what they could achieve, whether it be on a personal or indeed a business basis. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Justin’s talks, grab it with both hands, you never know what changes it will inspire you to implement into your own life
    Michael Murphy – Community Upon Thames