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Science Communicator

For further info or to book Jonathan Hare (Dr), email us or speak with a booking agent on 01275 463222


  • "Hare is a brilliant communicator: The star of BBCTV's "Rough Science"; his uniquely imaginative website has hands-on demonstrations, talks and workshops which inspire enthusiasm for science in children worldwide"
    Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry
  • "Absolutely fantastic! Our kids were buzzing all the way back to Newbiggin. As I mentioned it's more than just Science, it's about role models and aspirations and this visit provided all three and more."
    Rob, Newbiggin Middle School, Science Christmas Lectures, Durham
  • "Thank you very much for your outstanding contribution to last weeks Science in Action programme for GCSE students. … I hope you could see for yourself that you had an attentive and appreciative audience – quite an achievement when you consider that there were eight hundred 14-16 year olds"
    Radka, Training Partnership, Institute for Education

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