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Former WBC Super Middleweight World Champion

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  • ‘Glenn Catley is an unusually talented man. Not only did he become World Champion, the best in the world, he is a naturally gifted speaker and motivator. We are more than fortunate that subsequently to his boxing career he decided to use his skills in the field of hypnotherapy. His expertise and enthusiasm in the lecture room has not only enthralled our student groups, but given them the confidence and ability to help athletes and sportsmen in the way he was helped. It is worth remembering too that Glenn comes as a veritable publicity machine, he is news, as well as being a particularly nice and helpful person. It would be difficult for us to recommend him too highly. I have no doubt that having Glenn Catley on board would enhance any course.’
    David Newton - Senior Lecturer
  • Glenn has a natural ability to inspire, enthuse and energise those around him. A very engaging and charismatic presenter, he delivers an excellent mix of theory, practical and personal experience to convey his messages to maximum effect.
    James Maher – HR Business Partner at WHSmith
  • "I had the privilege of listening to Glenn describe in detail the process by which he became first British then World Champion. As a Doctor of medicine one might wonder about my connection to his story, but really it is universal, the ability to set an inspiring goal and through the right mental, emotional and physical training get there. Glenn weaves you into this process in a very compelling way like the trainer in Rocky till you feel ready to run through the town and sprint up the steps yourself! Obviously few of us will become boxers, but we all have that sense of 'I could be a contender' there is something, often secret that we would absolutely love to be or achieve, most of the time we keep the head down and put the dream back in the shoe box and whisper 'one day maybe'. With Glenn on your team you get that belief that you can do it too Mr. Catley is a softly spoken man with a broad Bristolian brogue which may tempt some to underestimate him, in his former profession no-one made that mistake twice, as a speaker and motivator once you hear his story you'll feel like a champ in the making too."
    Dr. Ken Murray, Inverness
  • Glenn’s energy and passion is visable from the start, which kept me fully engaged throughout his presentation. I came away feeling very motivated and inspired!
    Carol Line – Training and Development Advisor at WHSmith