Author, Broadcaster and After-Dinner Speaker

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  • “You were wonderful - I just wish I could have given you more time to speak”
    Yorkshire Post Literary Luncheon
  • “You were magnificent. Absolutely everyone was impressed by your irreverent approach and by the way you joined in everything to make the evening such a success”
    North West Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • “You were quite the best speaker and entertainer we have ever had! I could fill the entire page with adjectives describing how good you were. May I simply say you were quite riveting. The audience to a man/woman loved you and your very polished performance”
    Hampshire Rotary Luncheon
  • “Thank you for your truly outstanding contribution to the success of our Conference”
    Executive PA in Business Conference
  • “the best Presidential debate for years - you made it for everyone!”
    Cambridge Union Society

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