The UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer!

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  • "I first saw Benjamin speak earlier this year. I was so inspired by his enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of his topic (along with the right mix of humor) that I decided to start working with him on a regular basis on a one to one level as well as groups. His expertise has helped improve my personal sales performance, the way that I relate to and retain my current clients and most importantly how my team members relate to and communicate with each other."
    Tara Howard – Founder of Venus Awards UK
  • "Having heard Benjamin speak at our Canary Wharf office I immediately knew I wanted to invite him back to speak at an event I had been planning which I knew would add value to our customers. He is high energy, enthusiastic and offers great insight and inspiration. He takes your understanding of selling and flips it on its head. He definitely challenges traditional sales thinking. I would definitely request Benjamin back time and time again"
    Lucy Wynn – HSBC Bank Plc
  • "I first heard Benjamin talk when we shared on a panel of speakers for HSBC. I found him entertaining, humorous, energetic and engaging with an excellent grasp of his material. He cut out the usual nonsense and was at the same time funny and profound. He certainly challenges traditional sales thinking and does so in such a way you realise he has a very good point. This is not the usual nonsense you get from sales motivational speakers and very refreshing so. You learn a lot while being entertained. A challenger sales speaker without doubt."
    Adrian Furnham - Professor of Psychology, University College London
  • "His style is nuts! But effective as hell! He changed my entire approach to using the telephone to win new business. I'd stake my reputation on it. Without question the best telesales trainer and sales speaker in the UK."
    Brad Burton - Motivational Speaker and MD of 4Networking

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