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Round-The-World Sailor

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  • I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed your presentation to the group last night. I was impressed with how you expanded the 4 key tenets of Teamwork, Leadership, Communication and Fun and made them thought provoking in a business environment. Even though the room was short on salty sea-dogs your message was well received.
    Mark Burberry, BCM Business Cost Management
  • Dear Adam, I am writing to thank you for your presentation to the Business Club Northants earlier this week. It was extremely interesting to see how you detailed your sailing experiences and then connected them to business practices. The video inspired one of my members who has never sailed at all to say to me afterwards “If Adam had asked for a volunteer crew on the night that he would have signed up there and then!” Your knowledge and insight into sailing disasters was quite thought provoking and concern was expressed that things do not seem to have improved with regard to safety drills on boats and ships. I would recommend your services to any company or group who would like to listen to your very interesting presentation on Leadership challenges.
    Mike Willis CEO The Business Club Northants.

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