Former Wal-Mart Executive


  • "I really enjoyed your presentation in Beijing. Several folks, even those from Wal-Mart, mentioned how well you did. One going so far as to state, "I wish I had my whole (Wal-Mart) team here, this would have been great training for them!"
    VP of Sales for a Global Logistics Company
  • "Michael Bergdahl provides a glimpse into the "Wal-Mart Big Box" that only an insider could provide. He has written a great book around the acronym P.O.C.K.E.T.S which unveils the detailed secrets behind Wal-Mart's competitive strategies and tactics. In his speech, his stories about Sam Walton and the Wal-Mart culture provided Tesco's leaders and our top suppliers with competitive ideas we can implement in our businesses in Ireland. Bergdahl is a 'Wal-Mart Authority' who is open and honest about what it takes to compete, survive and thrive in direct competition with Wal-Mart or any other aggressive competitor. He took the time to meet with our attendees and even conducted an extensive Q&A session at a luncheon following his speech. I highly recommend him as an International speaker to other retailers, non-retailers manufacturers and suppliers who are looking for a competitive edge."
    Paul Slevin - Director of Food & Impulse, TESCO Ireland
  • "Your message was perfect for our graduates. It was wonderfully delivered and conveyed a sense of optimism and pride, to our graduates and their families alike. It was interesting to see how easily you engaged the audience to participate in verbally affirming your positive message. Your address marked the first time a commencement speaker received a standing ovation from our graduates."
    Gary B. Keefer - Chancellor, Penn State University
  • "Your Message is Powerful!"
    Edward Ray - Head of National Sales - Coca-Cola Russia

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